Thursday, September 22, 2011

Qnet - the Truth behind

I am going to answer all your questions about Qnet. But firstly let me introduce myself. I am a qualified engineer, a professional 3D designer & Animation Director. I had worked for 5 yrs in the corporate sector & needless to say, as everyone else I too wasnt satisfied with my job, salary & growth. I was trying hard to establish my own setup & start a Business of my own. But obviously money matters. The kind of finances required were way too high for a normal person like me, so I started searching for something that can give me a big desired turnover with comparatively less investment. One day I was chatting to one of my 3D faculty on facebook & something told him that I wasnt happy with my job even though I was pretending to be. He called me up over a coffee - And that day changed My life forever.
I proudly call myself a Networker today & I am working with Qnet since almost a year now, successfully. Happy & content by all means without a job.
Now lets discuss for what we are here for :

1) What is QNET?
Qnet is a global E-commerce company & a subsidiary of Qi Group of Companies. Qnet is a part of Network Marketing Industry which is 110 years old & $100Billion Industry. Qnet has an annual Turnover of more than $1.7Billion. Qnet is also a business model where people are paid to create a Distribution Channel to sell its products. To some like me, it is a 'Way of Life'.
Qnet organizes one of the largest convention on this planet for its working partners called V-convention. I visited Malaysia to participate in V-con 2011 three months back & I saw more than 10,000 people of over 70 nationalities, different religions, colors, gathered as One & that is what I call BELIEF.

CLICK here to get an insight 3rd party view about Qnet & V-con -

2) Is QNET a Scam?
NO. A scam is a con biz where you are asked to invest money - with a promise of double/triple returns without working. Qnet is a business hence you dont earn if you dont work.

3) Why is QNET not a Scam? Is it Legal?
Qnet is a registered direct selling company & Direct Selling is a World wide recognized LEGAL Business. Govt. of India, Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution, has clarified via their circular dated March 31, 2003, that the Prize chits & Money circulation Scheme (Banning) Act 1978 - is not applicable to companies dealing with distribution of goods including Direct Selling & Network Marketing Companies.
In QNET, no one will tell you that you will get anything without working. QNET is a business model, where you invest money / buy a product & with that you get a Business center, Network support & virtual Infrastructure absolutely free of cost. With this business center you can create a network & spread the idea of the Biz, which will do more Sales. For each sale Qnet gives you a defined amount of profit (money) and hence more the sales, more the profit. In short Qnet pays you to sell their product, just like a Salesman / Stock Broker gets his salary & incentives, just like how a normal Business man earns, just like how a Shopkeeper earns by selling things. Only difference is you dont work alone here.

4) Is QNET a Pyramid scheme / system?
NO.  Pyramid schemes / systems are illegal all over the world, where the people at the top benefit from the financial suffering of those they introduce into the organisation. Both Network Marketing & Pyramid systems utilise the power of exponential growth, but they use this principle in different ways and for very different ends. Hence, one must verify the fact before joining a NM Compnay. facts cannot be verified from Googling or through baseless reports many media websites provide. facts can only be verified through a person in the Biz who is atleast 6 months old in the company. I had verified QNET's PAN no., Registered office & DSA registration, check out the link for proof : (
I had also visited QNET's Head Office called Qi Tower in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

5) Why so many people write/complain negative about QNET? or why people fail in QNET?
As Networking requires hard work & dedication, most of the people are not able to cope up with the required efforts. These people are either lazy to work or lazy to LEARN. Most of the people fail in Qnet or in any Network marketing biz is because they just focus on earning and avoid LEARNING, which is the greatest mistake. No business can be run by anyone without knowing how to run it, without the knowledge of the Industry & the Know-how of the biz. Same is with Qnet biz, people who dont learn the Biz, fails drastically & hence they complain/write crap about it claiming that it dsnt work. Actually if you ask me, I'll say - "No business works, You have to work the Business."

6) Is this a 'Get Rich quick scheme'?
No! Network marketing is not by any means a get rich quick scheme. If you're looking for a way to make vast amounts of money in a very short time then you should probably consider crime or gambling, but I wouldn't advise either! NM requires effort like in any other biz to make it work. As answered in Q.5) above, it usually takes a dedicated effort over the course of a few years before anyone starts earning a substantial income.
Network marketing is not a 'get rich quick' scheme, but it is a good method to build up an extra stream of income, which is a lot better than most people have right now.

7) Is Network Marketing / Qnet Legal?
Network marketing is absolutely legal, and is governed by strict regulations in most countries. However, be aware that some companies masquerade as network marketing companies whilst failing to conform to the required regulations.
In most countries, the network marketing industry is regulated by the Direct Selling Association (DSA). There is lots more information on their website regarding regulations and legal issues. They charge hefty fees for membership, so it is certainly possible that a legitimate network marketing company might not be a member of the DSA. Qnet is registered with the DSA. The list of DSA registered companies can be checked through the link provided in Q.4).

8) Am I being brainwashed?
Yes, every time you watch a TV commercial, read the news paper or speak to any of your opinionated friends. Your opinions on pretty much everything are the result of brainwashing, some of which is accurate and some is not. The point of this page is that network marketing does not need to rely on such methods to be successful - either it makes sense to you or it doesn't. Lots of people are worried because they find network marketing extremely exciting, but their friends don't seem to agree. They have perhaps heard stories of unscrupulous conmen and wonder if they are being conned. At some point, you have to stand back and look at the situation with logical eyes - just ask yourself who is most qualified to make a valid decision. If you ask negative people why they dislike NM, 9 times out of 10 they will return with an incorrect or illogical reason. I soon realized that their opinion was probably based on brainwashing, not mine.

9) Isnt this exploiting my friends & relatives?
Lots of people worry about this point, despite the fact that they never considered it themselves when they were introduced to the business. When I was introduced to NM, I was grateful for the opportunity to examine the business, and I never once thought that I was being exploited. After all, I was offered exactly the same opportunity as my friend, and it was my choice whether to enter into the business or not. If I did all the work and they did none then I would still get a substantially larger income from my business than they would. In most network marketing organizations, those who do nothing are not eligible for an income. Besides - if there were no upline above me and I was the first person ever to join the organization, the compensation plan presented to me would have been exactly the same. The actions of those above me in the organization were not affecting me, except in a positive way through their encouragement and commitment.

10) Why should I trust and join QNET?
Qnet started in Sep 1998 & is now 14 years old (2012). It has an annual Turnover of  $1.7Billion. It has a customer base of more than 7 Million people across the globe. The products it offer are highly loved among its already existing customers with great services. It has the Best compensation plans among all the NM companies offering an annual turnover of Rs.14.42cr. after a dedicated effort of 4-5 yrs.
QNET is the official sponsor of Formula-1 Virgin Racing Team, AFC Champions League, etc. & is partner with bodies like FIFA, Ferrari Corp., United nations Food & agriculture program, RYTHM Foundation, Commonwealth Forums, Mayer Mint, etc.
If so powerful & influential people like Sir Richard Branson, Nick Vujicic, Muttiah Muralitharan, Boman Irani, Michael Ferreira, Sourav Ganguly, etc. can trust, 'promote' or partner Qnet with their reputed companies or themselves, then who are you & I to question Qnet's credibility!!!

11) If  QNET is so good, why dsnt everyone join?
People who say 'no' to Qnet for several reasons. For the majority, they don't see how it could fit into their lives. They have perhaps lived a very long time in the same frame of mind, or the same job, and it has become a fixed pattern. For others, they honestly don't see how they could find enough time in their hectic life. Plenty of people working 90 or 100+ hours a week have built huge network marketing businesses in their spare time. It's just a matter of priorities.
The majority of people who don't join all have exactly the same reason. That is "I just don't think that it will work for me." Of course, the job of a dedicated network marketer is to convince those people that it can work for them, and that the rewards are real and tangible. But in the end, many people will never join. But this is great - if the whole world joined then who would be the doctors, dentists, politicians, musicians, shop workers, police, waiters, cooks, accountants and teachers!

Then there is the group that is so sure of themselves that they cannot possibly understand why anyone would want to join a NM organization. Some of them even go out to stop those they know from doing the same. This is almost always borne of an ignorance of NM. There is usually a friend of a friend who tried and failed. Often these people cover their tracks by blaming it on the company or the business model - they don't admit that they simply didn't work hard enough. Sometimes they joined a poor company, and didn't research it enough. It's unfortunate, but these people will always exist. Everyone who has ever achieved anything difficult has faced those people telling them why they were sure to fail. Albert Einstein's school maths teacher famously told him that he would never amount to anything! I love this quote from that same man whose outstanding mind revolutionized practically all of modern physics:

Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. The
        latter cannot understand it when a man does not thoughtlessly submit to hereditary
        prejudices, but honestly and courageously uses his intelligence.
           ~ Albert Einstein
Often those people mean well, but they are simply voicing their own opinion. Millions of people have been held back from achieving truly remarkable things with their lives because of  'well-meaning friends' who told them not to. You have to analyse your decision for yourself - make sure that it is the right one and then absolutely commit to it. It doesn't matter whether that decision is a 'yes' or a 'no' - just trust yourself! Remember - whenever anyone tells you that you're wrong, you almost certainly know a lot more about your business than they do! Don't let someone else's ignorance steal your chance for success!

CLICK on the link to get an insight 3rd party views about NM, Qnet & V-con - 
1) Obtainer magazine on V- con & Qnet
2) on NM
3) Qnet by Media
4) Qi history in sponsorship
5) Qnet in pictures



  1. its really awsome...i hope ppl understand this n open up der minds!

  2. A very well written, honest and transparent blog I came across Network Marketing. I appreciate this writing and am proud that I am a networker with Qnet :)

  3. Wow.. absolutely unbelievable..
    You have presented such great answers to all stupid questions that morons always ask.
    Thank a lot my brother... You have inspired me more and have added more courage in me to face these morons.. My way to success is 100% sure..
    Wish you huge success with Qnet.. :)

  4. Unbelievable !
    True words, or you should say secrets behind success , the difference between us and them, is that they just didn't give themselves a chance to think and understand the true mean of this massive industry.
    Total respect !

  5. ..Rich ppl look for & build Networks, Other ppl look for work / job...
    ~Robert Kiyosaki

  6. as swimming has to be learnt from the swimmers, and not by the people who are afraid from water... in a same way to knw abt the industry one has to visit such blogs and not the blogs made by the timid failures

  7. I am proud to be a part of Qnet....Thanks Rohit for these energizing words....!!

  8. God bless those who still doubt this business & Qnet.
    Keep up the good work Rohit!

  9. calling someone's bread'n'butter is an INSULT by direct means.

  10. This article smashed those who think that it dsnt work. It works, bt not automatically. It works when you work it out, but those lazy ppl will keep giving excuses for their laziness n useless attitude. Dont follow the myth, follow the success. Ask ppl who do it, who made it, ppl who know facts & not to the losers & failures...

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  12. My doubt is
    What kind of people can join an MLM?
    This question raised after viewing a youtube video

    1. Hi Nithin,
      Just saw the film & I must say that it will convince anyone who sees it that every NM company is a scheme/scam/etc. But these people just made a film with minimal research required to make it & hence they dint portray the whole truth. Coz of many bogus people n companies, ppl think its bad to invest in NM.
      ur doubt is :
      What kind of people can join an MLM?
      A - Anyone who has dreams, a vision to be successful or any person who just wants to get out of poverty or job life or who wants to bcum a businessman with least investment possible CAN join a NM/MLM company.
      QNET is among the world's best NM companies, LEGAL & has a Global presence. If you want to rise above poverty, join me & I will give you full support wherever you are in India. but I have 2 conditions -
      1) You will have to work hard, just like what I do.
      2) You will have to learn about the business & industry. I will take care of the learning part.

      Anyone who is willing to learn n work will never fail in this business & hence is eligible to join. If u wish to join, here is my no. - +91 9819298987 (Rohit, Mumbai)

  13. BTW Nithin, this is an open BLOG, all comments are visible without my choice or authorization. ;)

    If you still have any doubt, feel free to ask. Thanks for writing.

  14. ru 1 of d representative of qi? frm ur xplanations it seems so..
    do u knw hw 2 wrk ethically or legally in india? do u have pan/tan of qnet? do u hve der registered office address under ROC (india)? do u understand FEMA? do u knw PCMCS act 1978? do u knw what are they @ d very 1st place? do u knw goldquest was banned in india. it became questnet and again banned. nw its qnet!!!!

    1. Hi rv2810,

      Firstly, No am not any representative of Qnet. I am just a simple person who was in a job a year back (read the blog above this one to know about me) and now doing Networking successfully. I know so much coz I did my RnD on Qnet before joining & learned alot about Network Marketing through my work & research.
      Yes, I know how to & I do work ethically.
      Yes, i have pan no. of Qnet & registered office address aswl (under ROC India).
      Being frank, I just know the full form of FEMA = The Foreign Exchange Management Act(2000).
      Yes, I know PCMCS Act and Questnet / goldquest / QNET was NEVER banned in India under Price Chits and Money Circulation Ban Act, 1978. All Direct selling companies dont come under this act.

      Now let me tell you what you dont know. Firstly having knowledge dsnt mean one knows everything.
      Singapore is the toughest Anti-MLM-Pyramid-law country in the world. And Qnet as a company is running successfully in that country. Yes, there had been a few cases filed against goldquest ages back in a few countries by some NM illiterate people - All the cases were legally settled & company was cleared by court. If you see the records, almost every big company had a few legal cases & issues in the past. Amway - the oldest NM company is there since 1959, running all over the world successfully. Had to fight many legal battles after it got a green chit all over the globe.
      NM business had produced 100,000s of legal millionaires across the globe, more than any business in the world.
      And yes, Qnet is not banned in any country in Asia, America, Europe, Middle East, Australia, etc. Though there are bad mouthers & opposers, they are anyways there to bad-mouth & oppose everything and will always be there.

      Many big companies had changed their names, logos, slogans in the past and that dsnt make them illegal. For many reasons, major being to keep pace with fast changing New generation, Same is the case qith goldquest-questnet-QNET. Both the previous names are outdated and QNET sounds easy and is better in terms of marketing strategies aswl.

      Forming an opinion on something without having any practical experience is moronic in my dictionary.

      My Sincere request, never believe in opinions. Get the government info and details and join QNET - The 21st century revolution.

      Our government is not fool to give PAN no. & register an office of a company which they claim is illegal, will they???

      If it was banned / illegal in India or any other country, people like (Sir Richard Branson, Boman Irani, Michael Ferreira, Shreyas Talpade, Muttiah Muralitharan, Sourav Ganguly, Sunil Gavaskar, etc.) wont be associated / working with QNET today.
      Neither giant bodies like Virgin Group, FIFA, AFC, Olympics Federation, Ferrari corporation, Blackberry, Forbes, Business Today, Commonwealth business Forum, Obtainer magzine, Formula-1, etc. will associate or partner with QNET.

      Think Again, these celebrities, sportsmen, corporates, companies, Federations are not fools. They know with what & whom to associate themselves.

      Company owner Dr.Dato Vijay Eswaran is listed in Forbes 2011, read on >

      Dont believe in what you hear, see for yourself & find the truth. :)

      And trust me I would love it the same if u join QNET, even under any other person. We at QNET are family.
      Thanks for your query & comment. :)

      In Service,

    2. forbes is for philanthropy & this money that is donated comes from millions of IRs who joined thinking that its doable but later on quit without getting satisfactory returns

  15. It will work, but the way they use to push people to sign paper and deceit tricks applied is rotten inside. The pyramid will fall! it's just a matter a time, you scam your friend, your friend scam his friend, bingo, you earn, your friend earn, your friend's friend would have no body to scam down the line someday and with regard to it's effectiveness, It's not right and It's dirty

    1. Dear Jeffrey,
      Pyramid is the strongest structure known to mankind, it can never fall. Every powerful structure like a Government, a company, the management, a kingdom is based on the pyramid structure. But yes, anything related to pyramiding will. But we dont do that. CHEERS. :)

      Rotten are the people not the biz. Blame ppl not the biz. Biz is Ultimate, legit & ever flourishing - the way we do it, it is indeed Amazing...

  16. Rohit dude u are a PR for Qnet ? its all bulls ... its simple maths

    1st step - U register and Buy
    - You have product only.
    - Company has 30000

    2nd step - U bring two direct referrals.
    - You have Product only
    - Company has 90000

    3rd step - they bring two referrals each
    - U have Product and 1st cheque of 10,000
    - Company has 210,000

    4th step - they bring two refferals each
    - U have Product and 2nd Cheque of 10000 (so total you have 20,000). Persons who joined at step 2 have Product and 1st cheque of 10000, so total money in incentives paid is 40000 total and company has 450,000.

    5th step - they also bring two refferrals each
    - U have Product and cheques which when added to all U have already earned come to 40,000, persons joined at second step have Product and 20,000 each and people at step 3 get their first cheque of 10,000 and people at step 4 have Product only and company has 930,000
    - And here 7 members who have at least some cheques but 24 people have nothing but just the Product.

    6th step - 15 are earning but 48 have nothing

    7th step - 31 are earning but 96 have nothing but just Product.

    8th step - 63 are earning but 192 have nothing.

    9th step - 31 have recovered money, 96 get little and 384 have nothing... and so on. But always the number who have only the Product is always much much more than the who have earned at least some money. And the people who have recovered money is just 31 when 384 have still to do it but to do that no. Of those who have nothing will become 1286 people...

    So always the ones at the bottom of the pyramid are the losers. And the only way left for them to move upwards in the pyramid (i.e.: earn money) is to lure others into the last layer. This is done after realizing that the last layer is always the losers. It is a sad fact that in the frenzy to get back the lost money relationships are often forgotten. It is often your close friends or family members who occupy the layer under you.

    Even then the chances that you will make money is very remote. It is clear that the company, including the few people at the very top layer are making huge profits. The sad fact is that the money thus generated is not even being used in INDIA. It is flowing out of India. This is the same money that could very well be spent in strengthening our economy.

    If you buy a kg of rice not only are you investing in something that is useful to you, but also, you are indirectly supporting the family of some poor farmer somewhere.


    1. Anonymous - If you really think you know what you are talking, post with your real ID, coz you just sound to me like ANTI-QNET and nothing else. But still lets put some knowledge in you.

      Your technicals are somewhat nearly correct if not entirely, but one thing is for sure - YOU have 'ZERO' business sense/knowledge.

      Let me put it this way:
      1) In a car showroom, when a sales person sells 10 cars costing atleast 5 lac each, he ONLY gets a salary of around 25000 and the company has 50 Lacs and the other 10 people only have a product which will consume more money as fuel & maintenance.

      2) 98% chance is that, that car company will be Japenese/American/European so yes all that money flows outside India.

      3) Now if not car, any product you buy each day belongs to an MNC. e.g.: Just like 10 crore indians drink coke/pepsi product everyday and more than 100 crore flows to some other country.

      4) YOU in particular is in no way helping India by buying/using coke, cadbury, nike, Maruti-Suzuki, iPhone, Nokia, Google, facebook, Carlsburg, Old-Monk, etc.

      5) So STOP Bullshitting with your mundane, factless & pathetic knowledge which can not even be considered as knowledge.

      6) Sincere request that you learn what a scam is! and find out the difference between a scam and a business. (or read my recent most blog - )

      Business = Trade (exchange of a good/service with money)
      In QNET same thing happens, except for one added advantage, that people like YOU & I get an opportunity to earn, so understand it properly & use wisely.

      I request you take-up an MBA/BBA/part-time-MBA and learn what is a business & its basics. Before that dont dare call anything a scam. CHEERS :)

      And yes, I am not a PR, but a fan of QNET. What QNET had given me, my family & my friends is not products or money, but a 'Way of Life' - FREEDOM.

    2. Excellent bro, well written, These lazy mindless professionals will never understand until they fall on there face.
      Trust at the end they will have nothing left.

    3. They do not have an answer for this . This rohit guy is just qnet pr or poor chap has invested 5lacs and is looking for to recover his money.

    4. Akhil,

      how can a poor chap invest 5 lacs? LOL. BTW I am not Qnet PR, I am a QNET IR (Independent Representative), much more than a PR.
      Akhil dude, why dont you update yourself with some knowledge & info. All the best at wotever you do :)

  17. Hi Rohit. Thats a very good reply. I have joined this new Way of Life. Thanks for your blog. Helps answer many of the moronic issues we face on a day to day basis.

    1. Welcome to the family Sushma. Though I wont make any profit from your joining in Qnet, Let me tell you that You have made the best decision of your life, work wisely. And keep reading...

    2. Bro, u are awesome dude.. teach me some more how to handle morons through this blog..

    3. Here u go...

  18. Hi Rohit. Its really nice to read your blog. I joined Qnet last year, but did make any thing yet as i have to leave qnet for some personal issues, which is not sorted out. Now i am back to QNet.Can you give me some tips to be sucucess.I am really scared to approach people or phone them. Please advice.....:)

    Thanks Uday

    1. Hi Uday. Practically its not possible to train you online. If you are really serious to do something better in life, follow this suggestion which works 100% - the best way to start is to approach your upline (preferably an ICL)& find yourself a system. Follow the system & you'll get to learn everything that you need to know to get successful in the business. If you are in Mumbai I wont mind meeting aswl.
      Remember you had made a very wise decision, so use it well and it will take you to your Financial freedom. Learn & earn. Wish you all the success & the freedom for life.


  19. Hi Rohit.. U answer every question so perfectly... :)
    I hope to join qnet soon, but still have doubts if I will be able to do this in my spare time or not..!! Any suggestions u would like to give me?

    1. My only suggestion is an information :

      QNET is not a CAKE-WALK or any kinda get-rich-quick-scheme. Prepare yourself to put 40 yrs of job into 4 yrs of Networking and ofcourse, the reward is mindblowing after 4 yrs, FREEDOM for rest of your life.
      One imp thing, before you start or signup, make sure that the person you will be signing under is successful enough to take/guide you on the other side. It is very important to be with Successful people to become successful. All the best. :)

      And if you'd like to work with my Organization, you are most Welcome. My assistance is guaranteed if you are in following cities/places :

      Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Mumbai, Pune, New Delhi, Nagpur, Bangalore, Gujarat, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, etc. I reside in Mumbai btw.

      If interested, Write to me personally on -

    2. Dear Anonymous, pls don't try to work the QNet business in your spare time!! Because then, you will always have something to do in your SPARE time other than QNet. You will never make it! Start off as a part time IR!! That will get you some place at least!

  20. ya, will write to u.. Thank you so much :)

  21. hey ... can i know how the Qnet system actually works i mean seaking for downline system ? and how can i actually register to be one of the member and how much i should pay ? erm i would appreciate if u can give me a full detail on how i can run it out email me

    btw i am from MALAYSIA

    1. Hi Gordon, thanks for writing. I replied to your query on your e-mail. plz check & revert back. Hope to work with you soon. Tc

  22. correction


      check this out.

  23. Mr. Rohit Please Teach me for this business,
    ,my name is william i am from indonesia, i have join this business 4 month ago...

    1. Hi William, Practically its not possible to train you online. If you are really serious to do something better in life, follow this suggestion which works 100% - the best way to start is to approach your upline (preferably an ICL)& find yourself a system. Follow the system & you'll get to learn everything that you need to know to get successful in the business.
      Remember you had made a very wise decision, so use it well and it will take you to your Financial freedom. Learn & earn. Wish you all the success & the freedom for life.

    2. Mr. Rohit i want to approach Downline from other country.. with internet, but I am not good at doing business using the internet, can you teach mee..??

  24. Hi Rohit,

    I reside in dubai and have been working with Qnet since past 4 months. It is really amazing to see the life people live once their team size has reached a few thousands, and i personally have achieved a fair amount of success in these 4 months. I will soon be resigning my job as a banker and would be a full time Qnet-er. When i see people who have been serving as waiters and taxi drivers earning 4 times their current salary (even more than what i earn after 5 years of banking experience), it is just an amazing experience. Though i had started Qnet with an intent to earn passive income but today i pursue it as a social/moral obligation to uplift the lives of the less fortunate.

    @Jeffery It really boggles me when i meet people who don't want to join because they are "too smart" for the business and just to give a reason for not being a part of it, they come up with the most pathetic of excuses. Qnet is one of the fastest growing network marketing organisation in the world. Over a period of 14 years, the company has a strong base of 7.5 million customers worldwide, and as you may have heard we have crossed the 7 billion mark recently in terms of global population. I dont think qnet is going anywhere for the next couple of hundred years.

    @Rohit I really love the way you handle objections. I have a team here in dubai growing exponentially every week. If you do ever come to dubai, I would personally feel happy if you could come down to our vcell and share with us your journey as a qnet-er. My mail id is Thank you.


    1. Hi Sayed, thanks for the appreciation, its one thing that keeps me going in Qnet. Would love to visit Dubai to share my experience, maybe in next 2 months. ;) Been a while since am planning to visit Dubai. Ask/Forward to your downlines/uplines to read this, will help them alot.

      Till then u can add me on facebook - search with
      follow on twitter- @beingspiderweb

  25. thanks Rohit.. it gives a lot of information on Qnet. thanks brother

    1. You are welcome Vikram. Need any more, you can write me on

  26. Mr. Rohit you said "Yes, i have pan no. of Qnet & registered office address aswl (under ROC India)." But in the qnet website they did not mention their office address in india. Can you please give me the office address and CIN/1A Ref No

    1. Glen, I can give you the office address in India. Every QNET IR knows it. But the question here is, Why should I give it to you? Are you interested in joining QNET with me? If yes then meet-up & I'll show you everything you need/want to know before starting, BUT only if you come with cash/cc/dd to start with OR else I would like to suggest you that dont waste time analyzing/doing RnD on things you doubt. Coz am damn sure you never asked any company representative about 'CIN/1A Ref No' of the Company you currently work with.

      Anyways I would like to tell you that you checked the wrong website for Qnet India. The one you checked is of Qnet UAE. So Stop calling yourself a genius, engineer & START OPENING your mind. No offence meant, but your RnD was totally useless n misdirected. Here you go :

      Qnet India -

    2. Too rude bro... those who believe wont question u bcz those who question will nt succeed... therefore they wud believe anything u tell them

      n after a while there is no option bt to believe

    3. Dude, I am always to the point & it is better that ppl too stick to the point & do their Homework before commenting or asking anything. I dont have free time replying to such crappy questions you never dared to ask the Company you currently work for. Why not play fair n square!!! QNET is running worldwide coz Authorities are letting it, letting it coz it is authorized by Governments of the World.

      And yes,
      Those who ask the RIGHT question will always succeed and those who waste time analyzing n forming question out of the thin air will never grow...

    4. Qnet India - is a post box number and not office address ...

    5. What kind of person are you, if someone is asking a question, give out information if you have or else direct them to right link OR you can keep mum. Stop bashing people saying they dont have knowledge and investing hard earned money without information of the company is not safe. The company where I work does it ask me to join them with investment, if am investing my money I have all rights. And you said you will give information if they come with investment only, Y ? Cant you give out information that is not there on the comapny site? Y is it so private? Am not against NM model, I have seen people growing in it, just want to know why invest in here instead of other successful NM models which deal with retail FMCG products and its easier to showcase. The products by the company have no authentication of how successful they are. If they are successful y is there no similar product available jn the market? I am interested to get in but all I fear is the products that are sold. If could clarify without being would be great, because everyone's a tiger on internet, ready to pounce ;-)

    6. Hi Ranbeer,

      What kind of a person I am?
      Ans. DIRECT (on-your-face)
      Someone who dsnt like to waste time beating around the bushes. Neither I like to waste my time on people talking non-sense. :)

      I give back what I get! If you tell me that this isnt an address in India, while standing in Dubai.. I will just answer what I answered to Mr.Glen Danthy above.
      So, first come to India, then ask an Indian address and I will be more than willing to tell you that.

      Now, you said that, 'The company where I work does it ask me to join them with investment'
      Of course not, because its a job, right?
      But lemme give you another perspective :
      Did that company ask for a degree? or an MBA?
      Does that degree/MBA required money to learn the skills to get this job of yours?
      YES is the only answer my friend.

      So does a company give you a job if you dont have the required skills?
      Answer is a simple big NO.

      Now ask yourself, why would a company give you an opportunity for free, while this society dsnt even give free education?
      of course no company will, as I explained above. they all require you something specific from you. In your case its degrees, education, qualification, skills, marks, merits, etc. ALL earned by you with hard work and of course School/College/Tution "FEES" which your parents PAID.

      Now you know that to earn anything, you need to pay a price. Its a universal law.
      In the case of network marketing, its a 'purchase' you have to make to enter the business.

      So, Why do you have to invest in NM to enter it?
      I will explain in simple points :

      1) A company requires money to run, and products or services to earn that money.
      2) there are different kind of ways for doing business : B-2-B, B-2-C, DS, etc.
      3) QNET follows a DS (Direct Selling) model. Where instead on hiring people, it turns its customers into sellers (whoever is willing to)
      4) Now is it clear to you that you actually arnt investing, you are just buying the product (for personal use or to enter business is totally your call)
      5) So if you buy products/services that will be useful to you, the Business comes FREE with it by just filling a form and committing to learn the business first and then work hard with your team.

      I personally joined QNET coz the products were different & PATENTED. FMCG has a lot of competition which demorals many new comers, hence I do not prefer them, but I am not denying that they are equally good opportunities if you are comfortable with them.
      So actually your easy is not really EASY my friend.
      BTW if there is any fear in you, I suggest NM might not be for you.

      And last but not the least, as you said "everyone's a tiger on internet"
      I disagree. Anyone without knowledge on internet is a sheep. I say so coz if everyone was a tiger, I'd get really rude replies aswl, but my rude replies contains a proportionate amount of truth & facts combined, which is very difficult to handle by anyone who does not posses proper knowledge. And those who posses proper knowledge will never ask such dumb questions (you will find many genius questions by sheeps, with some never before seen calculations) ;)

      All the best in whatever you do, but remember - Knowledge is Might.

  27. Fadoo Broo I have A BELIEF in QNET and i am realising it..........

    1. Have a great journey ahead with QNET. Write another Success story, YOURS... :) All the best.

  28. Dude.. i would like to commend you for a good article.. you have a convincing way of writing.. but i feel you have conveniently left out the important things... you have mentioned multiple times that you need to work hard for being successful in network marketing... can you please explain what does the hard work entail?... what do you need to do for that?...
    also your argument in one of the replies to comments above where you compared network marketer to car salesman is utterly rubbish... car salesman sells car to people who are planning to buy one... whereas network marketer has to brainwash people to buy something they probably don't need... car salesman is selling the car... whereas network marketer is trying to sell a dream of earning lots of money... dont you agree?...

    1. I DONT AGREE!!!
      coz every car company or any product company Hires well-trained people in brainwashing to brain-wash any person walking into their store/showroom to convince them that THEIR n ONLY their product/service is the best & why they should buy it. Am I right or wrong? :)

      And yes, we sell dreams that everyone dream of, but scared to take a step further, So we just push them...

      Anyways, Thanks for appreciation.

  29. Have you done your MBA or are reading/writing this from a Manual given to you. There are some repetitive responses to people's questions - just like a parrot.

    Also if you are still working hard and you call it a way of life and freedom what is wrong with me working the same amount of time and enjoying it. Is money the only factor I should quit what I love? That is a very shallow outlook to life.

    Now you give examples of Honda, Coke etc...where we buy and get a product and the company gets 90% - here this is what is a real business model.

    They have a tangible product that they research, market and sell. They know the value it will get them so they don't tell you or me to sell two more to get 1/4 coke or Honda free....he key word is TANGIBLE product....

    With the 90% that these companies get they pay taxes, salaries to thousands of other people, bills to their parts manufacturers who in turn pay their employees....helps and works for so many at so many levels..

    Where does the 90% money of QI goes? What is the tangible product they are selling that has true value?

    1. I request you to plz make some sense while arguing. Argue on a valid point.
      I reply the repetatively like a parrot coz you Morons keep asking the same thing. So if the sky is blue and you will ask me 1000 times, neither the color of the sky is gonna change nor my answer.
      Qnet and I like any other company n citizen pay taxes to the Govt.
      Real biz model??? R u insane or dumb I fail to understand. Plz go n read what is Business! A biz is simply exchange of product/services with money.
      You like a moron saying abt employess, salaries n blah blah blah!!! Ever heard abt something called as Franchisees? Shops? Retailers? We the IRs with Qnet are no different. They make products, we help them market n sell it n both make profits. Wer does 90% of its money goes? IDIOT, no company on this planet makes that kinda profit on any product. Go n verify urself. Another thing, our owner is featured in Forbes 2011 list of top 50 Philanthrophists. RYTHM Foundation which is one of the largest charity Org works alongside United Nations to help ppl all over the world.
      Tangible? You mean to say an iPhone which is manufactured in only us$188 and sold in us$800 is tangible product? A Kinley/Aquafina made at 45-50 paise each bottle n sold for MRP Rs.15 is tangible product? Dude FYI its all Brand (value) that is sold, not the product.

      Go n complete your MBA, it'll put some knowledge in youyr Empty head.

  30. Infact its a kind of fraud.
    What is the value its adding to a society?
    You are paying some 40k and join as member and you force to join others as members under you.

    Do this one will yeild any productivity to society. So in my opinion its pure day light Fraud.
    People like you supporting this only because of money nothing else.

    There is potential danger in this money landering business.Free flowing Money always a threat to society. Who know you may be funding a terrorist organisation.

    1. Hahahahahahahhahahaha... Rofl

      Thanks for giving me a big laugh, I appreciate it! But if you telling me that whatever you wrote you think its correct/fact/truth! I'll laugh even more, you are the Height of being dumb. U dint even get a single info right on Qnet.
      Go read similar moronic comments by your dumb folks n My replies to them.

      May God help you. :)

    2. @Moheit,

      Lolz.... grow up kid,
      what u have done is just like any other unprepared student does just an hour b4 the exam.
      . read fatatafat . just wrote in points.. to obtain 3/10 and understood nothing.

      go back read completely. improve your searching skills. and then come back again when you are ready to talk sense.

  31. hahahaha!!! i dont undrstand how can ppl raise such baseless objections!!
    keep up d gud work rohit...
    proud of happy dat im a part of d qnet family

  32. Can you please..tell me the investment ....i want to join qnet?
    plz help...iam Rafi...9010657516 is my no

  33. Its fraud, just like GoldQuest...

    GoldQuest was also launched by this Company only.

    1. What should I call you, an Idiot or a Moron!!! Anyways just for your info : Goldquest is the same company which went on to bcum QNET when it transformed into 100% E-commerce & none of them were ever banned in India or is banned nowhere on this planet. And to back-up what I said watch this Goldquest review on CNBC channel -

    2. Hi Rohit,

      the video is not available. Is this the right link?

  34. Yes, I agree with above comment.

    If this is not fraud, please can you explain why GoldQuest was banned in India.

    1. What should I call you, another Idiot or another Moron!!! Anyways just for your info : Goldquest is the same company which went on to bcum QNET when it transformed into 100% E-commerce & none of them were ever banned in India or is banned nowhere on this planet. And to back-up what I said watch this Goldquest review on CNBC channel -

      Find & Learn Facts before vomiting the shit out of your mouths. A Humble request. Thank you.

    2. Hey Mr.

      Mind your language when replying.

      Your replies shows your frustration man.

    3. You call my bread n butter 'fraud' without even knowing the FACTS & then you tell me to mind my language!!!

      Anyways, If asking same moronic things again n again n Me replying same thing again n again is frustration, THEN YES, this is frustration.
      I hope I had helped solving your queries n you got your answers. :)

  35. You are contradicting by saying that

    No to - "Is QNET a Pyramid scheme" question.
    Can you prove the its not Pyramid scheme.

    1. Prove me how it is a Pyramid scheme? You CANNOT! You know why? Coz all the countries on this Planet had BANNED Pyramid schemes, and QNET is running with Government affiliations all across the GLOBE. So Mr.Anonymous, my question stays there, Prove me how it is a Pyramid scheme?


    2. Leave it man.

      If QNet is such a great business, I am not sure why you guys are putting in so much efforts to convince ppl to join the QNet.


      And Question remains same as You can not prove that this is not a Pyramid Schema.

      If this is not a Pyramid, what do we say about adding ppl under you on left and right and grow it.

    3. Here, read this whole, it'll tell you why QNET is not a pyramid scheme n what is actually a pyramid scheme :


  36. Great Rachit Bro... ! Great Work, My Faith is converted into belief after reading your blog. this is a big slap on the cheeks who deserve it. :p

    1. name is Rohit bro & I love My name. ;) Yes this Blogged Info abt QNET is a slap to all those who deserve...

  37. Mr.rohit please clarify my doubts

    Its a another speakasia scam?
    you just observe what the company is doing

    you joined with 55000
    you also joined ur 2 friends with 55000 each
    here, what company is saying for every 4 referals i.e (4*55000=2,20,000rupees)you will get 10,000+...lets see the fraud plan in detail

    no.of.referals company have comission u have
    4(left2+right2) 2,20,000 10,000(say)
    8(l4+r4) 4,40,000 20,000
    12(l6+r6) 6,60,000 40,000
    16(l8+r8) 8,80,000 80,000
    20(l10+r10) 11,00,000 1,60,000
    24(l12+r12) 13,20,000 3,20,000
    28(l14+r14) 15,40,000 6,40,000
    32(l16+r16) 17,60,000 12,80,000
    36(l18+r18) 19,80,000 25,60,000*******
    here ur getting the 25 lakhs sixty thousounds for 19,80,000 question is

    i put 19,80,000 investment i will join 32 members in 1 week will company pay me 25,60,000 comission?

    1. Mr. the whole calculation You had done is WRONG. Plz calculate again & come back to me if you still got a question!
      Plz go through the Plan again; Coz I guess you were busy analyzing the business & ignored the plan.
      Plz dont try n act smart, coz the calculations prove otherwise.

      36 (18L+18R) = Rs.90K

    2. Mr. Anonymous lets play it this way.'I don't see any point in sitting and proving you that what Our business is' where you can not even come up with your name. If you got guts declare your name and occupation. and lets sit and discuss which PYRAMID schemes are you part of.

      if you have gone to School : Person on the top making more money
      if you have a bank Acc : In Bank, person on the top making more money
      if you are in any job: then please don't tell me that you earn more than your CEO

      n dont dare tell me that there you get products and services. Coz Son if you say that then you yourself are declaring that Qnet IS NOT WRONG.

      and when you talk about sitting n convincing others' for the business would not be difficult if it is legal. Then tell me why do give INTERVIEWS for jobs one after another. "Then according to you, 'you are illegal' "

      Now sit and prove me that you are Legal.. where you need to hide your name and tell views.

  38. dear rohit,
    means, iam giving 19,00,000 to the company and the comission i get is 90,000 only..........dont u get laugh.......................

    1. Mr.Anonymous, 'I DO GET A LAUGH' when an employee puts a minimum of 176 hours in a month to save a maximum of Rs.100-1000 a day, And in return making a profits in Millions 'FOR THE COMPANY.'

      Yes, 'I DO GET A LAUGH' at your common sense, the way you people think, the way you people calculate!!!

      Always remember that company wont pay you a penny if they are not making a mammoth of profits from your Efforts.
      And when they make those MILLIONS from your efforts you get paid some pennies... NOW GO PLAY!!! ;)

  39. Hi ROHIT,


    i WILL JOIN WITH 55,000

    1. Hi Shrikant,
      Firstly this is "NOT A SCHEME." QNET is a company & what we work on is a Business model.

      Yes you get paid when its 2L+2R or 3000BV+3000BV & there are MANY ways you get paid. Why do you get paid when its 2L+2R? coz the compensation plan is designed that way. There are 8 ways to earn in QNET, not possible to explain here. So either you meet me or I guess you already know the PLAN, so better join directly. My ref ID is "IN002790" & You need to purchase a product having min. 1500BVs. Write me if you need more info but ONLY IF you are really willing to join. Wherever you are based, you'll have my full support.

      This is my website -

    1WEEK 1 1 2 0

    2WEEK 2 2 4 10,000

    3WEEK 4 4 8 10000

    4WEEK 8 8 16 20000

    5WEEK 16 16 32 40000

    6WEEK 32 32 64 80000

    7WEEK 64 64 128 160000

    8WEEK 128 128 256 320000

    9TWEEK 256 256 512 640000

    Mr.rohit please tell me is the above plan correct or didnt mentioned busineess plan in ur blog...please let me know the plan and let others know...with out knowing the plan how one should show interest in ur business.......

    1. Though this BLOG was not created to generate Biz for me (its good anyways) but to Spread Awareness abt QNET as a Biz. Plan is simple though "2L+2R = INR41400" Dont make it more complicated by calculating ahead, it stays as it is. Meet me to know more OR write to me on

  41. Mr Rohit, I just had an intro session and I want to make a start but I would like to know what is the amount that I need to invest ? I have been asked to give 2.5 lakhs which will include some holiday package for some years ...but am not a holiday person and the amount sounded too much for a stake and for a beginner like me in e commerce ..Please guide..Looking forward to hear on this
    My basic questions :
    -How much should I or do I invest so that I get better returns for my investment?
    -How much should my referrals invest ?

    1. The More you invest the more you gain, Dont let/ask anyone to decide how much you want to put in, coz again it is NOT an investment as you buy a product, so its a win win situation. BTW I started with 6Lacs & I am hugely successful in the Biz. What I suggest ppl is to start with min. 1-4Lacs, not below. If you'd like to directly do biz with me, YOU are WELCOME. I am based in Mumbai/Delhi, got Network all over India, so support is guranteed. Question is with WHOM you want to START? My email -

  42. If anyone is still wondering what QNET really is, plz open this page & read documneted information about the company :

  43. hi,i am interested to learn more and join Qnet. how do i get in touch with you?

    warm regards,

    1. Message me your mobile no. At - I'll give you a call. BTW where r you from? Wer do u live?

  44. am so glad that someone is actually showing the truth behind Qnet and Rohit I just want to add one thing to all your points that people are just not ready to believe in something as good as this business and are just trying to act super smart. The truth is that it's not for everybody and anybody, people who think that their is only job for achieving their dreams and those who like being stuck in money-time trap will never ever understand something as good as this business, this is a reality check and people are living in mirage and that's why its so tough for them to accept the truth.

    I have myself ventured into Qnet just a few weeks back and trust me I can see my life changing and the one who feels it is just for money sake...I pity them. I will pray for all those who cannot understand the meaning of financial freedom.

    Any ways Kudos to you Rohit! You are a true rockstar, hope to see u in Jakarta :)

    1. Thanks Divya for the empowering words. All the best. :) Keep Reading.

  45. qnet products are just overpriced.

    bio disc 2 @ 7500 |

    1. Yeh Right! hahaha :P
      I just wish that someone should actually meet you & tell the difference between Nokia 1100 & Apple iPhone. :)
      God Bless ya.

    2. Please go to this site :
      Why are they selling it here just for Rs 7500/-??

      Can u please explain?
      Awaiting ur kind reply. No issues. Just asking bcoz i felt it was overpriced

    3. I checked out the site & it is not 'Amezcua' owned website. Anyways FYI QNET products can only be sold through QNET owned websites ONLY. The website you mentioned must be an IR website or a fake website. Lots of duplicate products in market. You can get an iPhone for INR10K also & Apple iPhone for INR45K, YOU chose.

      The cost of the ORIGINAL Amezcua Biodisc is given on

      Amecua site for your info :

      Hope now you Know. :)

  46. Hi,
    I have been doing this business from 6 Months now. Let me tell you my life has changed a lot and has taken a 360 degree change. The people and the business concept is the amazing here. QNET is one of the best companies to work with in Network Marketing. I have decided to work towards my Financial freedom with the help of QNet. Thanks QNet for changing my life.

    1. All the best buddy. Remember, never leave the Train till you reach the destination.

  47. Dear Rohit,
    IT is Heading for a scam. I have been approached by one of my friend for the same. I was told that minimum investment is 2.5 lac. After reading your blog I got to know that it can be anything between 1 to 6 lacs even less than 1 lac. Why would someone put a minimum cap on entry fee ??

    1. So you mean to say if someone bcums a bad human, the whole humanity is a scam?
      Plz dont talk what you dont understand. Some1 practicing the business in a wrong way dsnt make the 'Business' a scam. So stop using your brain which is limited to the middle-class mentality of half informed groups & individuals.
      Here I am not saying that the person who showed you did the wrong thing wrong by telling you min investment is 2.5L. Why? read on

      Q. Why would someone put a minimum cap on entry fee??
      ANS. It is an independent business model & everyone is free to chose with what min investment they have to do the business with. For example I dont do business with ppl not willing to put min 1Lac, and neither I let anyone in my team to do so as we follow a structured model in our team. No there are many Teams with different strategies, hence the different investments.

      Its very much like an MRP (max retail price), now its your wish as a shop-owner to ask for the max price or anything 'under' it. For us its 7Lacs, and we are entitled to deal in anything less than that.

      SCAM : Con'ing ppl without telling them. Like Coal scam, Chara scam, 2G scam, etc.

      DONT call My QNET a scam, coz it dsnt fit in the definition of scam, but it does fit in the definition of 'BUSINESS'. :)

  48. hey Rohit,

    What your doing here is really commendable. I am sure a lot of people can get a fair idea about the company and the credibility that it has built over the past 14 years. So with a little logic and common sense I don't understand how anyone can claim otherwise.
    Hats off to you for spending your time replying and trying to show people the light.

  49. Article is very informative and encouraging. Yesterday was probably the third time I felt like it was too much and wanted to quit QNET but yes attending systems and reading up blogs and articles such as yours makes me want to keep going. It's not just people who discourage but circumstances and personal emotions too that come in the way of success. This is where QNET has an upper hand over jobs and other businesses; QNET gives you the freedom to choose your success and the time you want to succeed in. Never met another classier group of business people who are genuine and actually care for those who are new to this :) Just a simple request Mr. Rohit. Although, most people's questions may be unintelligent or downright rude or sarcastic, avoid name calling or putting those people down. You did a great job with the blog and your RND, don't let them have an upper hand over your emotions. Your belief in QNET will speak for itself as it has done so in your blog. Kudos and all the best. Hope to meet you some day :)

    February 18, 2013 at 9:07 AM

    1. I reply ppl the way they put my business and my company into words they like. I give them a taste of their own medicine! Why? Coz buddy I believe if someone don't have their emotions attached to this business, Success will be tough to achieve! This Business requires one to put their heart n soul into it, in simple words - Your Emotions. That's what makes me so powerful in this business n gives me an upper edge from other ppl who just treat it like 'just a business'. This is LIFE man, you need to be attached to it in order to live it.
      Definitely we'll meet, @Vcon Malaysia. Thanks for writing. :)

  50. I was introduced very recently to the company in a very fraudulent manner by a very close childhood friend. Left a bitter taste ….. have taken my story with all the details to a few family friends in the IRS, IPS (EOW), SFIO and RBI ….. let them validate …..

    1. Who are you to decide fraudulent manner? Farud is the one who hides his identity and thinks that he'd bcum a Tiger, posting nonsense stuff anywhere he likes!
      You call him a "very close childhood friend" and yet you instead of discussing the issue with him, going against him to some govmnt agencies complaining abt him! LOL! Liar u r dude! Friends don't go against each other, they instead try to rectify another if one is wrong! None the less, 1st go and chk abt the business with hus senior officials, then judge what u r into.
      All the best.

    2. Hello, Tell me one thing dude.....
      QNET want to expand it's business in India then why it is having only 1 legal office in kalyan nagar and no where else in india???

  51. Hats off to you bro... I feel pity for people coming up wid so nonsense questions and arguments. I an very sure that these people have once said no to this biz abd now seeing there friends and relatives grow , they are not able to handle there burnt

  52. Hey Rohit,

    You are marvelous. You write beautifully. You are aggressive and straight to the point. My husband joined Qnet 2 months back and he got 2 cheques till now. Recently he was facing some trouble with work and meeting people. Few of them said how different it is from other MLMs... so he gave me some work to do… compare! While I was researching I found loads and loads of criticism about Qnet. I was scared, so called up my husband and asked him “ Are we into a wrong thing” and he laughed and asked to search “God” in google.. People have criticsed even him!!

    By the way I don’t like reading but your blog attracted me so much and forced me to write. I am absolutely in love with your answers and way you handle them.. You are being honest. You need to do hard work – leave the attitude aside and just TALK to people and explain the concept. And yes we do sell dreams which people are scared to fulfill. We have made a dreamlist and hopefully the first one will come its way soon.

    I guess your reverts will help us become strong with critisims!

    Thanks and regards

    1. Thanks a lot for the compliment! Keep the positive attitude and keep going ahead, you'll surely achieve all your goals. All the best :)

    2. Hi Rohit,

      How are you doing? It will be great if you can help me.. I have approched quite a lot of people and the common rejection faced is "I have already tried MLM but I wasnt successful" ..there can be lot of reasons for that - poor connects,no time.I try and handle it but should I just leave it and move on?


  53. hi Rohit ....
    I just spoke to a qnet person...I liked the idea and every thing and will be investing in qvi ....I am very excited about investing in it but 2.5 lac is a very big amount for me it took me a year with two growing kids to collect such an amount so while searching about qnet and its relations with f1 and all I came across this..... plz can u read this link ' ' and tell me that can u reason out all these controversies mentioned here...
    Thanks and Regards

    1. Before answering you I'd like to request you to also read the
      3 very important links I'v put to prove the right point, bcoz Wikipedia itself is not considered an authentic source of information.
      I am 100% sure you'll have a different mindset after reading my reply. :)

      Qnet has changed its name several times.

      Companies change their names frequently for reasons such as branding, variations in lines of business, and marketing. In our case, this was done for strategic business purposes. When Qnet was founded in 1998 it offered only one product, commemorative gold coins. As the company added more products to its portfolio and the e-commerce platform evolved, the name GoldQuest was no longer suitable and it was changed to QuestNet and then shortened to QNet. Hundreds of companies all over the world have done the same sort of thing.

      Disparaging information about Qnet must be accurate, because it’s in the Wikipedia entry.

      I strongly dispute the credibility of the Wikipedia entry on Qnet. But we can’t do much about it: Wikipedia’s policy does not allow a company representative, a PR agency or anyone with a stake in the matter to edit entries. We have lodged a complaint with Wikipedia administrators about the heavily bias of the entry and a debate has been opened up on their ‘Neutral Point of view’ noticeboard, that you can see here:

      Please also note that Wikipedia is not considered an authentic source of information. Wikipedia is a public forum where anyone, even you can edit an entry. Unfortunately this has led to numerous quality problems for the portal which its founder Jimmy Wales admits himself. This has been acknowledged by leading media including the New York Times. You can read these two articles on the subject.

      Wikipedia founder admits to serious quality problems

      Snared in the Web of a Wikipedia Liar

    2. About the QNET + VIrgin & Marussia F1 relation, check out the Official Marussia website -

  54. Hi Rohit,
    I joined qnet around 2 years back. I havn't achieved much success bcoz till now I was a sleeping IR, and did not give my 100%. But I really love the company and the people and want to do the business. Can I start all over again??

    1. Yes ofcourse you can. E-mail me on and I'll give you my personal num, let's have a talk and maybe we can meet after it if the talks r fruitful.

  55. Hello rohit nice work...can u pls clarify on two things
    Why isnt qnet using mlm in any of the developed countries?
    Suppose if I am frm a very small country and I keep on adding ppl then what abt the last person?

    1. Hi Manas, for your kind information QNET today is present in USA, UK, Germany, France, Singapore, Canada, Russia, Asia, Africa, Middle East, etc. Almost everywhere.

      Secondly, it is impossible to put 1.3 Billion (India's population) people under you, as in it nearly 15 yrs, QNET has only 8 Million customers/IRs worldwide, out of 7 Billion people. Also consider that many ppl will have their relative outside the country aswl, and the biz is E-commerce. Stop thinking all this non-sense questions starting with 'if', just do the business right way and no1 will ever be poor. :) If u wish to start contact me on

  56. Mr. Rohit,

    1. First I doubt u be in animation kinda work ... as your blog is no where near to a good classy look.. it is very dull and unprofessional color theme that doesn't even suit eyes.

    2. You are telling that it is registered and approved by govt of india etc. but u don't give any proof or link for tat.. instead u gave malaysia's dsa link... If one company's business is good and approved in one country then it does not mean it is approved in india also

    3. You know full business of Qnet..right?
    check this
    and tell me why all of the things match with Hyderabad police's warning on that link...

    4. Qnet IR's start with product features and tell great products in less prices due to no advertising, marketing etc. costs.
    Now when someone is not convinced then they start saying that " forget products and see how much u can make in it.. think why not how"

    now if people think only abt why then the people can get the money thru robbery, cheating etc. as its just changing mindset... believing in wrong as right...(qnet IRs focus on this everytime in trainings, sessions etc.)

    1. Mr Anonoymous.

      1) First I doubt you exist or ever born, as every person born on this planet has a name, you dont have any.
      And anyways, your doubt dsnt take away my Animation credentials. ;)

      2) You want proof? Well I wrote in My blog that QNET has a registered office in Chennai, google the address if you are so smart. I also wrote very clearly that, "Qnet is a registered direct selling company & Direct Selling is a World wide recognized LEGAL Business. Govt. of India, Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution, has clarified via their circular dated March 31, 2003, that the Prize chits & Money circulation Scheme (Banning) Act 1978 - is not applicable to companies dealing with distribution of goods including Direct Selling & Network Marketing Companies."
      And if this isnt a proof, you tell me what is!!!

      2) You are telling me that Police understands business??? The same police which put TWO girl in jail for writing on FB against a politician, or the same police which put a cartoonist behind bars for expressing himself, or the same police which is sooo corrupt that even they dont deny it!!!
      Whatever written in that link, Indian Judicial System dsnt hold Qnet of any misdoings. BTW all the big companies have big cases against them, did you stop using Facebook??? YES, even it has a case which was cleared.

      4) Well this is a Business, and every individual IR has the rights or is responsible for the way he/she does the business, NOT Qnet. You cant simply blame a company coz one of their partner or employee is doing things the wrong way.

      QNET is a recognized LEGAL business model, and thats why I dont think that doing ILLEGAL stuff like cheating, robbery, etc, will do any good to mankind! And if you believe 'Selling/telling is wrong' then I'll pray to God to give you some brain, so that you can understand wrong and right.
      Thanks for wasting my 10 mins for asking such silly senseless questions, but I'v pledged to help people who come to me, and I replied and published whatever senseless stuff you wrote!
      Also if you think I am RUDE, well I am not sooo rude to people with identity. I DONT CARE abt Anonymous Aliens!!!

    2. again you did not attach any link to prove that circular of govt of india... how do we believe it.

      also why qnet member of india direct selling association then???

      even amway is...

    3. What, are you a kid of age 10 ??? Seems very much like that! Google the circular yourself, it is there!

      Q. Why Qnet is not a member of IDSA ?
      A. LOL!!!
      Neither is Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, Quikrr, Big Baazar, Fashion&you, etc.
      We are not playing club-membership here, we are doing business like all these non-member companies.

      Dude, your questions are so moronic that I actually want to help you, but sadly you dont exist!!! :P

    4. All the sites you mentioned are e-Commerce portals, not direct selling companies.

    5. Rohit:- I think you don't know how to proof, indtead of giving any link to proof you are just saying that it is authorized by act so and so....just putting the lines and nothing????

      And as per you The police are useless, Wikipedia is useless, even google search also useless, media is useless....right?

      So as per you which is the authenticated source of knowledge...YOU??????who are you????? Eintein of India or world????

  57. @ Mr.Anonymous,

    Mr No name, or Mr. Legal.

    It seems you are a lazy reader,
    here r few links to help ur itch(concern)

    as far as colour theme is concerened, send your creative designs it would be better to hire a person who thinks him better in a feild.
    guess what you will be paid some bucks even.

  58. Hi Rohit,

    Nice blog. Lots of my doubts have got clarified. But still I have some questions for which I could not find any answer. May be you will be able to help me.

    1. Why Qnet is not listed in the top 100 direct selling companies published by in June 2012. Even companies with net sale of 100 million dollar are listed here. Please refer the link below for details:

    2. You have mentioned that Qnet is a 1.7 billion dollar company. When I googled I could not find any information regarding the actual turn over of Qnet or QI group of companies for 2012 2011 2010 or any other previous years. Will you be able to help me by providing a link for the same where we can see the actual turn over of the company.

    1. Hi Ankit,
      There are 'n' number of sites that rate, vote, rank companies in various fields! The ones I believe in is the Obtainer Magazine and, both of these bodies have ranked, suggested Qnet as one of the best in the world and No.1 in Asia.
      About its Turnover, I have a xerox copy of a Malaysian newspaper cutting, when Qi crossed 1 Billion$ sales in 2010. You can also track company growth on its website - year by years frm the start.
      Abt the videos n links, they'v been posted long back, maybe some won't b available now or removed!

      If you r in Mumbai, u r welcome to meet me and discuss anything abt Qnet or DS industry.
      Thx for writing buddy.

    2. Again link is missing..........dude..
      Just don't put lines.........put link proof..

      And just don't say that all links are also not a authenticated source of information??

  59. Hi Rohit,

    According to Nov 2012 issue of Forbes Asia the sales of QI group was 430 MIL $ (Link -

    Where as according to your Malaysian news paper QI crossed 1 BIL $ in 2010.

    Are we missing something somewhere as both the figures don't sync?

    1. Yes dude, you are missing something big here; what you read is the Annual T/O of QI for that year, whereas what I mentioned is the overall T/O since QI's existence.

  60. Hi Rohit ,

    A Informative article. I am associated with this amazing company since this Jan . Yeah , as you said , it require immense hard work to be a networker . Most of the people out here thinks that its a easy money scheme and some of the unethical companies and their reps spreads like that . But at the end of the day , truth is there is no sub for hard work.
    Best of luck V-family. Meet you in Malaysia :)

  61. Good information. Thnx. I would like to know how a person who has just managed to sign up by 500 bvs i.e. one tc, can do business.

  62. Dear Mr.Anonymous,

    I wonder what were you doing before this that you could only manage to signup with mere 500BVs ??? I dont want to insult you, but I'd like to inform you that only people who want to check or judge the Business/Company signup with 500BVs. Even my friend's maid & a vegetable vendor signedup with 3000BVs each, thats how the business runs, with a MANDATORY SYSTEM.

    If you could just manage to signup with 500BVs, there is certainly something wrong with you or your profession, so I suggest you if you are serious, SIGNUP with 3000BVs, under me or anyone & then get back to me. I cant/wont break the rules and show you a way that will make you feel like an old farmer (hard working yet poor), certainly I wont. Plz get Serious abt your life & make things happen... carve your own way. CHNAGE things around you buddy, LIVE LIFE.
    All the best.

  63. Hi Rohit,
    I love your passion, and all your answers are 100% authentic. Of course they become repetitious, because even the questions are - can't blame you there. I had a comment here. I have been like that for ever - very rational and logical - and not a very good networker; for an entire year in QNET I signed up people but my business was going nowhere, because I was not connecting well with people - I was giving them logical reasons for doing the business. Then my wife finally connected with the business when she attended V Indonesia 2012, and after that there has been no looking back. You know what? People ask a hundred questions, so we give a hundred answers, and then we get frustrated and start using words like moron and idiot; its easy to do that with cold prospects because burning cold prospects is no big deal. But people still don't see your side of the logic, even though your logic is so transparently perfect, isn't it? The point is, people don't decide or make choices because of rational thinking; they decide based on underlying emotions. I say this not only as a networker for the last 2 years, but as a practicing Neurologist for the last decade and a half. So what I decided was to learn from my wife and her team how to love people and their dreams, and how to connect with people's hearts, and to help them forget their fears.You cannot win all the battles, but those you win will be for life. I don't know if I added anything which you don't already know, but if I added something of value to others who will read this, I will feel grateful.

    1. You are absolutely true and I am grateful to Qnet for connecting me with such people like you - A Neurologist, wow!!!
      Let transform more lives. CHEERS :)

  64. hey rohit, just read your posts' ur a star of Qnet :)check out my page...

  65. Hi Rohit,

    What about products in the QNET,very less in number.. those products will not convince the people in join QNET... not feasible to the common man.

    1. QNET (Qi Group) has a total of more than 187+ products - ranging from diamond-gold jewellery, Limited edition A-grade Swiss watches, Vacations, Nutrition, Healthcare, Telecomm., Education, etc, etc, etc. Tell me which of these products in your opinion is not feasible for a common man, coz our REAL product is 'FINANCIAL FREEDOM' & total numder of worldwide customers is 8 Million+ already & had made QNET, Asia's fastest growing E-commerce portal... :)

      Think Again. You can contact me on if you are serious abt the biz. CHEERS.

    2. Again no link provided which say 187+ products. Check the catlag from QNET, hardly any useful products.....

      Products are just frondend thing, at backend it just to extract people hard-earned money.

  66. I love Qnet , it has given me the freedom to take care of my family. I did work , travel miles just like any business but I have achieved it with hard work and truth and honesty. Nice Blog! For people who want how much i put in each week it is over 15 to 20 hours a week and more on long weekends. Nothing is easy but with hard work and a clean state of mind anything is achievable. Peace Roby! IR Qnet

  67. Really amazing u are Rohit.Very impressive.thanks for the information hope it should help morons to think and take a wise decision to change their lives.

  68. 1.can you tell me,What is Qnet,What Qnet business is.?
    2.What the representatives do here..?
    3.What Qnet Representatives Actually do after joining into this business..?
    4.What is the main goal of Qnet in there business strategy..?
    5.does Qnet want to sell there product or do they want to join the people into there Business by paying X amount and purchasing a product which they dont want to buy which is not useful ...?
    6.does these products have any value..? terms and conditions of the business which is under law and govt jurisdiction..?
    7.Where do the money go..? is this a taxable amount..?
    8.y Qnet is not having a Official office where they are doing business..? it a E-commerce Business..?
    10.why the products are not available in the Market..?
    11.If the business is legal why they are not advertising there business..?
    12.Why we need a referral to join this programme as it is a business done by the company which is legal and telling it is for the man kind..?
    13.Do Qnet Want to sell there products (or) what actually they want to do in this business..?
    14.y representatives do not tell anything about the product till the end of the plan..?
    15.Can you tell me if i have joined in this business,who will be in the top earning all the money..? Where the Pyramid Structure Ends up..?
    16.Is there any printed Document that this business have been legally approved by the Govt of that particular country...?
    17.can you list what kind of products they are Selling which is useful for the general public..?
    18.does they have a Tin Number..?
    19.what is the opportunity they are providing to me if i join into this business,as the representative Always tell that we are providing a wonderful opportunity to earn,is this about earning the money..? or doing the business..?what is the business we do...?
    21.what is main theme of the Qnet company for doing there business..? selling products or recruiting people.?
    22How you are saying this is a legal business..?
    23.Why they show and why representative show that esvaraan with the there any proof ...?
    24.Why this business relai on the Basis of words without any document..?
    25.Why representatives bring there close friends,family members to the listen to the plans,why they say is confidentiality..?
    26.Why this business is not explained clearly,Why representatives tell 1st join the business and do this business then you will get to know what the business about.?
    27.if the business is running successfully is doesnt matter when we start the business and when we start doing the work,why representative says dont waste your time join it right now..?because time is very precious like that you are missing a wonderful opportunity.
    28.where the money goes if i start a business with qnet..?for what they are using that money..?
    29.Why the representative show us that you are at the bottom level, as employee working with an organisation you are i Personally Feel that even i work for a company which is earning huge profits,providing employment to so many to fulfill there dreams and full filling there own dreams i can say i am contributing myself for the growth of my nation and the people.if i do a business like qnet where i am contributing my money.?

    Answer These Clearly..

  69. i've been reached by qnet by a close friend of mine and since then i've been thinking if i should join or not.
    i did a lot if research and read of those who are with and those who are against Qnet.
    but there's on thing that seems really vague to me, all of those who say they've been working with the company merely say that they "are benefiting alot" benefiting how ? in terms of numbers ? no one mentioned that .. if i could get a real example talking about this i would be thankful .

    1. Give me your email ID, we can talk over there. It is unwise to reveal anyone's income assets or anything on a public forum. Thank you.

  70. Congrats !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I think you have very well answered all objections which come from morons and try to discourage us.
    Let the world know the facts about NM and QNET particularly.

    Spread these answers by all means to rubbish the wikipedia.

    1. To spread the awareness regarding NM & Qnet, I need help from everyone & such positive people like you. Thank you for writing Rakesh. DO SHARE this with your uplines & downlines

  71. hi rohit, is it legal for govt employees to do this business in India.

    1. Yes, it is 100% legal for a government employee to do this business in India. Can I assist you in the joining process?
      Joining with me will have certain benefits : Easy International reach, full time support, Training and business material and 24x7 guidance + support. Let me know.

  72. Thanks a lot Rohit for your commitment .I'm also a member of Qnet. I was surfing net but unable to get the PAN CARD NO of Qnet in India. Can you please help me with it. It will help me in dealing with giving correct information to new prospects. Thanks, Mahi

    1. Hi Mahi,
      Firstly, what you are trying to, as into giving people what they want is wrong! Coz the ppl asking you Qnet's PAN, got no idea abt the PAN of the company they and their father are working in. Anyways, just for your info, you'll find Qnet(Vihaan) PAN and TAN nos. On the physical Registration Forms. If you'v not filled it or seen it, contact your uplines.
      Thx for writing. SHARE the blog and spread awareness abt Qnet. Thank you

  73. Hello Rohit,
    This is useful info. Thanks! I am with Qnet.

    Just wondering, to what extent PAN/TAN useful - when trying to explain the legitimacy of the business?


    1. Every company registered with the Government of the respective country will have PAN/TAN or any required doc/permission, etc. required to do the business in that country. So it does not matter or is iseful trying to explain legitimacy of the biz thru pan/tan. What matters is the time duration of operations in the country or nos. of years in existence of the Company. Any company that is 10 yrs old and in profits is here to grow & stay for long.

  74. Hi,

    Need some clarifications on QNET, if I am going to refer products and earn commission on the products I referred, why do I need to pay 1 lakh to the company.

    Company is using my services to grow its business, and inturn sharing the profits. I did not get this logic. Can somebody explain?

  75. Qnet Company is not bogus but the primary focus is to bring new customer. IS the person who joined the qnet by buying the product made the repeat purchase...mostly not? so one day say in next three or four years it will definately have enrolled most of the people who are interested in the qnet. But by that time you might have made money in the commission earned by selling products to freinds and relatives. But they will not be able to find any people and will lose and as a result your source of earning will collapse and your relations also.
    So focus on doing something meaningful for earning.
    Manoj Doshi (CA)

    1. Dear Mr.Doshi,

      From your post it is very much clear that you have never entered the business or done it for even a while. maybe you saw the biz plan & like many, you derived your own meaning of it. YES, repeat purchases happen, often, but to see it you should me the doer, not a spectator.
      QNET has roughly 8 million+ customers in last 14-15 yrs of its existence and if we agree that the world population is 7 Billion+, you can do your maths on if only 10% people join QNET, how many years will it take to cover 7 Billion+ people to see the biz plan!
      So collapsing this biz is almost related to the end of the world. We at QNET, nurture ppl, grow ppl, help ppl, so its not about 'enrolling', its about farming & growing humans, giving them a 100% positive environment to succeed. Only ppl who fail are thiose who leave early or expect magical returns without working in a few month, NOT POSSIBLE. Hard work, planning & most importantly - LEARNING is the key.
      As far as doing something meaningful is concerned, all businesses do same thing, try to grow the sales sales sales! Infact you as a CA does the same to grow your customers. What kind of a CA talks your language I dont know, coz I have CAs in my team, experienced, retired, ppl who had seen a full circle of life.
      So Mr.Doshi, instead of just using your experience plz try to get to the heart of it & try to understand such a wonderful (not magical) opportunity. I wont mind meeting you in person over a cup of coffee & 'just talk', maybe you'll see what you had not been able to see till now. :)
      Have a good day.


  76. This is just needs to join, learn and act in order to attain freedom.We are financial freedom fighters.

  77. Hi Rohit,

    Have you got any clue as to what's the refund policy for Qnet?

    1. First can I know the reason why you want a refund?

    2. I thought I would've been able to devote time to the business given I liked the concept. But I didn't think it through, I've got my exams coming up and juggling them with my normal job and Qnet would be way too much to handle.

    3. hi rohit,
      can you answer these questions?
      I am attending events. In these events a senior will deliver a nice lecture to improve our lives and bring internal and external change and some do's and don'ts. but they will not discuss anything about QNET. they will not tell anything about QNET model, how and when you will start earning and how much company earns.
      when I invested in this, I received few say around 5 products. one of them is bio dis.

      this bios disc is such a useless product. there is no manual and information doc with it and not even in the box. nothing. they claim it purify water. do you have any evidence and any proof no right.
      even scientists said it is wrong. it is based on hexagonal water.
      Hexagonal water is a term used in a marketing scam[1][2] that claims the ability to create a certain configuration of water that is better for the body.
      why are you supplying cheap products? I believe these are china products nowadays very cheap in the market.
      here is my email

    4. Dear Anonymous,

      I dont know what people expect in the 'events', but being a sensible person I knew that they arnt going to work on my behalf & give me money, I WORK I EARN, likewise, YOU WORK YOU EARN.
      Also you must'v seen the business model while signing up & the only person responsible to make you learn & give you info is your upline - the guy who referred you in the biz. ASK HIM/HER.
      The 'events' can only motivate you, guide you, so instead of trying to find something in what they say, just try to "understand" what they say 7 you'll know that what they say is all you need.
      About the BioDisc, I personally use it & found it very useful with my sinus problems. But to satisfy your apetite, here is a link to a website which have all the BioDisc certifications from around the world's Labs and all other answers you need regarding the BioDisc -

      So plz stop blaming the system & start working. All the best bro.

  78. Hi,

    Can you please let me know why has Mumbai Police registered an FIR in August 2013 against qnet ?


    1. Hi Roly,

      I appreciate a straight forward question. If you really want to know read/check everything from here onwards & plz dont get offended while I put examples :

      1) If I go to a police station, and lodge a complain against you for trying to con me or murder me, they will lodge an FIR first & act later and vice versa. This is how Indian judicial system works.

      2) There had been a few times before that people had lodged false complains against Qnet, and Qnet had come out clean, always. Simply not bcoz we have money n power, but bcoz we followed ethical ways of marketing & someone disagreed and went on n lodged an FIR.

      3) If you are really looking for truth : Here it is, a lengthy post explaining each & every controvercy/blames/claims on Qnet : I'd be very pleased if you first read the article & then judge openly. Thank you brother for asking :) Here is your link

  79. why vijay eswaran doesn't come and attend court case in gold quest and clear all the defamation on him.

    1. Firstly, there is no pending case against Goldquest and all were decided on its favour! Totally Clean & Ethical.
      Buddy Dato Vijay is our Founder and he had bigger agendas like Addressing 100 World Leaders at World Economic Forum on the topics like Leadership & Innovation :)
      and why do you think a company hires lawyers, so that the owner dsnt have to listen to the hypocrite crap.

      Read this for all your answers :

      Have a Good day :)

  80. why india-ceo-suresh-thimiri-denies link with qnet but is one of directors in registration papers of the company

    1. Hell yeah! Thats why I say one should not trust these MBA people (No Leadership qualities) and instead focus on your own work :)
      Buddy I got no idea why he did that, loser I say! But yeah, he is not one of the director of the company, just some hired MBA guy I guess!

      For all your answers on the current MEDIA CRAP (news), check this detailed write, point-to-point info :

  81. Hi,

    I have certain questions before enteri ng QNET. Would be obliged if you answer them.

    1. Why has Suresh Thimiri disassociated himself from the company?
    2. Why are hot signups called without informing beforehand the name ofthe company?
    3. Why is the product non consequential in the whole scheme? OR to rephrase, do people enter into the business because of the products?
    4. If QNET has made so many millionaires in India why are they not shown in the Media (Print, TV etc) as even a Lottery winner reports are out in the media who are news hungry.
    5. The whole NM Industry is about saving MAD Costs. But I've seen multiple Print Ads, sponsorships etc. If the company is actively marketing its products I cannot see how they are saving costs to the end customer.
    6. Whats the hard work involved apart from trying the convert potential recruits?
    7. Why does the company operate through a franchisee?
    8. I think there is an inherent loophole which the company is exploiting. If the victim feels duped, the company says he is an IR not a company rep (eg Manjunath Hegde). So the company can NEVER be caught.
    9. How many members are there along with the levels and hierarchical tree, and why can I see that on the website?


    1. Sure buddy, here you go :
      1) Suresh Thimri - Personally I never met him, but yeh it sounds like tha man was 'NOT A MAN' after all! CEOs fight, he chickened out, why? No idea bro, you can directly ask him.
      2) Well that depends on each individual on how he takes/does his business. Talking about ethics, absolutely no-one tells anyone in NM to do such a thing, i.e., to invite a guest w/o informing! We dont promote it, I DONT promote it. It is a question better to be asked to the person who invited you this way :)
      3) Firstly, it is not a scheme, its a pure Business model. Secondly, the products are 'The essence' of the business, this or any business! People enter this business for many different reasons. I personally entered coz I found it as a good opportunity, just like anyone else finds an opportunity in any job/biz/profession/etc.
      4) Dude, I find no reason why any Millionaire from Qnet should be in their any Ad (though we hardly give any kind of Ad)! I simply think it will mislead ppl! Also it will hamper their personal space, if they wanted to be featured anywhere, they'd better enter films & entertainment sector! BTW they are featured in international NM magazines like Obtainer, Voyager, Aspire, etc. and also in our brochres.
      5) Well, we dont hire Amitabh Bacchan, Katrina kaif, Shah Rukh Khan or George Clooney ;) Saves a hell lot of money
      6) Your hardest job will be to get self-trained in the business and then train your Team and help them achieve their goals.
      7) Dude, you should check out the Government rules before asking this question. Just FYI, PepsiCo (America) operates in India under a franchisee named Lehar Pepsi or Lehar Foods Pvt Ltd. now you think why Qnet operates as Vihaan in India :)
      8) Excuse me! Go & ask Manjunath Hegde what he is doing and he'll tell you right away - QNET
      There is no loophole or the company wouldnt have survived more than 13 yrs in India - A country where corrupt are caught as soon as they are known, except for the Govmnt!
      9) Why you cannot see that on website? Buddy r u kidding me? No-one is allowed to see inside any Company unless you work for the company. BTW the tree is a personal thing, like I have mine and I see no reason why I should display it online! Just FYI there are more than 8 Million customers of QNET worldwide.

      Well you got what you wanted, and if you are looking for more answers to the MEDIA CRAP on topics like Manjunath Hegde, etc. check this out in detail :)

      Good day :)

      PS : Always remember that in this biz, success depends on a trusted relation with the person who referred you. If you are yet to join or think about joining, my Organization welcomes everyone & provides 100% support and all the info will be given before you join. CHEERS :)

  82. Great thoughts you got there, believe I may possibly try just some of it throughout my daily life.

    Company Registration in Bangalore

  83. This is the Ferrari of Network Marketing Company and QNET is as good as a network Marketing company and as good as a Ecommerce company.
    Love Rahul

  84. hi i m aaditya and this is great to see such views in the world of negativity .

  85. Mr Rohit, what if i invest & dont get any referral??

    1. Hi Rajan,

      Your question is very much like, "What if I dont get a job if I study for 15 long years of My life?"
      "What is the guarantee that I'll get customers if I open a shop?"
      a farmer thinking, "What if I put crops & it dsnt rain this year?"
      Imagine Steve Jobs asking someone, "What if I make computers & I fail to get customers?"
      But he went on & made so many success stories like NEXT, PIXAR and ofcourse APPLE...

      I hope you understood that your question is irrelevant, coz even if you get a job & you dont work, You wont get a salary, you'll simply get yourself thrown out of the job!

      Here also if you follow your leader, get trained & work hard, Success will be at your doorstep. Lemme know if you want to start & work + learn with the best in the business

  86. Hi Rohit,

    I saw your replies, please dont use abusive words like Idiot, nonsense and all...

    I have paid to Qnet and started the Business and I have undergone Training.

    You said we need to work hard to get money. could you please explain what is the work here and what I have to learn to run the business successfully..

    I have to learn how to convince the people and how to cheat..

    My friend took me to that place by saying doing some project. I have to do the same for my friends, so they will explain about the business and convince them. Till that I should not tell them what is business and anything about this.

    If it is Genuine and legal, why the office is running in different name as Ocean.

    We need to refer some other people as this person earned this much money through this business and he is millionaire now.. you can buy car. bung-law and all in short period... We have to trust blindly and need to the spread the same thing to others and have to make the people as money minded.

    When I take my friends to that place by telling some lie as project, I will loose my self respect, if they don't join the business..they will try to maintain some distance after that...

    1. Firstly, I dont use abusive words, coz when someone is an idiot, he is an idiot, if someone is talking nonsense then he is talking nonsense, I know TRUTH hurts & sounds abusive to people like you who post as 'unknown' and try to give gyan to me.

      Secondly, let me tell you that you are a liar and you have a fake self-respect.
      You wanna know WHY?
      Let me explain in simple words and in pointers :
      1) You study all your life just for a 'NAUKRI' (in short a monthly salary, in very short terms - MONEY), So dsnt that make us all (the society) liars n money minded people? Of course it does.
      2) Now I have no idea who u r n what u do n where u work, but let me tell u in general that a company pays to an employee only when they generate profit, meaning they make SALES of their products or services.
      In your words, the company pays you when they had fooled millions of people, RIGHT? Of course thats how you & everybody earns.
      And you know there is a special department that specialises in fooling people, its called MARKETING & SALES - n freakkin every company has one.
      3) How many times u r fooled, lemme tell you that - When Amitabh Bachchan comes on TV n endorses a Rs.20 ka Cadbury, you n I buy it, he gets Rs.15 crores, SRK says a hyundai is a very nice car n u n I buy it, sounds like a scam to you? Now will you call cadbury a scam if you get cavities? or when you santro breaks down? YOU DONT!
      4) In QNET, there are over 8 million customers like you n me across the globe working for their financial freedom. Now to manage all of them with one body isnt possible, hence ther are divided in groups & put under small teams which provide necessary Support & Training. One such team is called Ocean, there are 50s of them.
      5) Now why do you need to take a person to a place, SIMPLE, coz your thick mind dsnt understand it till date that it is a proper Business Project and you dont know how to explain it, coz you never learned the business plan where we speak truth, opportunity & possibility of numbers. You n i need to do that coz unlike marketing professionals we are not MBAs, in simple we dont have degrees to fool people! :P LOL
      5) Now if you understand all what I explained in a very simple language, you'll know that you had been lieing to yourself coz some idiot told you that it is not right. n that diot can be a family member or a close friend.
      6) And coz you are a very misinformed person like most who comment here, I say you have a fake self-respect. Start respecting yourself the day you look for knowledge before money. I mean it.
      Sorry if you felt insulted, but I feel insulted when a very progressive & intelligent Human race write such comments to me asking foolish questions. Questions can be foolish n agreeable, but asking them in a way that abuses MY BUSINESS, I am forced to retaliate n reply in the same manner.

      You are like a brother to me like every QNET IR, but only when you realize that you are fighting against a society that loves fooling people and calling other fools who dont get fooled by their senseless way of living n studying 25 yrs only for a mundane job that just leaves you living a miserable life full of loans n debts.

      I suggest, dont take offence, gather knowledge, understand things and fight back. coz this is an amazing opportunity, really takes blood n sweat to reach to the levels of people who are driving a Ferrari via dedication & hard work.

      In our business, u & I act like Amitabh

  87. hi bro, please help me to come out of this doubt
    i luv all of ur explanations and wanna join in this company, but my only doubt is about this business models sustainibility(not abt company's sustainability). i.e, if i joined and gets 2, they gets their 2 (4), 8, 16, 32,64......... if this goes on up to 30 successful levels down, the people engaged in this business will be more than 100 cr. then how will newly joined ir's will get their prospects? if new ir's dont get their prospects then people on top too cant earn money..

    pls clarify this, im sorry if my calculation is wrong and let me know where i did wrong

    if iam okay with your answer, its really my pleasure to work with you in this business
    thank you

    1. Hi,

      Firstly I've stopped answering & accepting more comments as there is enough information & answers to what you've asked in one of the blogs or comments above.
      Secondly, I wont get into calculations (you can read other comments and replies for that), but would like to ask you a question, if you ever did a job, were you paid for working or for not working???

    2. Hi Rohit..
      I have been carefully looking at your all your explanantions..I appreciate your in depath knowledge on the industry and the company..But the question by surekha devi is a very valid question and we can't show damn by replying to her and still not answering her very basic question.I hope you will gently help in answering the same.
      Let me reframe the same question in a very simple way as below,
      "If everyone starts the business and becomes an IR,there would be a time where a new IR does not find any prospect to become an IR ,which is an end to the game ".
      I hope you will be gentle enough in understanding the question and answer it for everybody here.Thanks in advance!!!

    3. Hi laxmikant,

      Firstly I'll tell you why I am not gentle in answer this particular question, coz IT DOSNT MAKE SENSE at all! In simple words, anyone with a commonsense will know the answer already. But as they say common sense is not so common, I'll answer it for you both with some simple examples ;) But I also assure you that anyone asking this particular question had never been satisfied even after getting a 100 reframed answers! And plz dont mind if I sound harsh, coz ultimately it is a senseless question :

      So, you both are telling me that if any of you start, you will scale this planet & 7 billion people in a short span of time and put an 'END' to whatever? I mean cmon, even in the age of internet, Facebook could only manage a billion people in 11yrs of 'free' joining and both of you telling me that network marketing & you are so fast that you can outrun internet and social media?
      Even the 75+ yrs old network marketing giant Amway cudnt reach 1 billion people or even half the planet in 75+ yrs, still going strong and growing faster than ever.

      Even if you did not get it by now, I dunno how to explain, but I will try in a less gentle tone :

      Go & first understand the whole business plan before trying to analyze something which is beyond your understanding. There is a reason why not everything is just dropped on a newbie like a bomb, coz it will confuse him/her as too much information is as good as no information. Business is big, complex and you will need to understand it slowly, learn it like you did your schooling.
      There is no company, man or kingdom in history who could scale this planet and its billions of people. Talking to people is a slower process as compared to sending friend requests on social media. By the time you complete your contact list just sharing the business opportunity, a new generation will rise and that happens every year and every decade and IN NO WAY there will be an end to this business.

      And mind you, it is not a game.
      Good Day

  88. where is my comments going? why dont u show all peoples comments? means u r replying to those doubts which you can answer?

  89. Hello sureka didi...
    I think i hav an answer for your question :p

    Lets say u have opened a computer company
    Which produces an entirely different type of computers which differs from other computers...

    Now lets say if u have sold it to 100 crores of customers,
    And if u couldnt find a new customer...
    Will you get paid??
    Will your employs get paid??
    U can relate this to ur imaginations

    Find a way..
    So that u could find a good stake in those 100 cr customers

    Stop thinking,start doing!!
    All the best...

    Thank you rohit bhai...
    Qnet is my bread and butter too...

  90. Can someone give me the below statistics:
    1) Total number of "Independent Representatives" (IR)
    2) Average annual profit per IR
    3) Percentage of people in profit and loss
    4) Break even for initial investment

    Now i understand that the above things depend upon the amount of work a person puts in, but thats why i say "average". Since, a lot of people swear by it, this business does seem promising but there is no harm in knowing the numbers.

    1. Since I am not a qnet employee, do you expect me to know all this about a company with over a $2Billion T/O & over 8 million customers worldwide???

      Even if lets say I was an employee, you still expect me to know these things? Do you know any answer to these questions about a one particular corporate company? Any example?

  91. Mr. Rohit, yes i do know a lot about the company i work for. I know the job profiles, salaries across different job profiles, total employees geographically and according to job descriptions and a lot of other things. And most of it was available online, so before joining i looked into it and decided if the opportunity was promising.
    Now, i can't jump into qnet business just because so many people have and that they swear by it. That logic works for cult groups. Specially, when its regarding Multi-Level Marketing, which is accused of being unethical and a pyramid scheme, a company that is actually ethical must provide this data so that new entrants can take an informed decision.

    1. Saying yes is easy, I asked for an example. And I am not asking whats on google, I am asking what do you know?
      And how exactly do you frame 'a company that is actually ethical must provide this data', you mean companies who dsnt provide their private data is unethical/illegal?
      Tell me which company you work for, lets talk fair, lets talk transparency. Share your full name and the company you work for, then we can talk!

      About your 'MLM is accused of being unethical and a pyramid scheme', I dont know what to say! Since when "SELLING" something is a unethical / pyrimid scheme?
      I obviously know that there are many people who make the mistake of not understanding the business first, get desperate and do unethical things, but that dsnt make the company or the industry wrong and enthical! Those ppl who call it a pyramid scheme, they just see 3 letters (M-L-M) before calling it a pyramid scheme, rather than using their brain to check it out, understand it and then judge.

      This is a risky field, but not a risky industry. There r ppl who practice bad mlm, all you need to do is use your brain, take time, analyze and judge correctly.

    2. Firstly, don't bash my comments as if i am against qnet or saying its fraud. I am just a curious person who wants to make a decision based on logic and information. So i am not fighting you over if the company is shit or not, but want information from you given you are in this for long.

      Also, let me tell you that i am an mba from a reputed college and hence i understand what business and business models mean. So please think of me as a person who knows what he is talking.

      If you want to exaggerate all of my statements, there is no meaning of this discussion (for eg. I said "MLM is accused..." u replied "Since when Selling is unethical..." And i never said companies that don't provide data are unethical).

      I cant share my company's name, caz of obvious reason,i don't wanna drag an org. needlessly in this discussion.

      That being said, i will revert to a simple logic:
      1) For every company you can find info about total number of employees
      2) For most companies (specially in FMCG like Unilever, P&G) you have (approx) numbers for the stockists and distributors they work with

      So now, am i wrong if i want to look at those numbers for qnet before i decide to work with them. Also, i have a question for you, what details did you check before you joined this business.(honest question, not being offensive here).

    3. I am not bashing your comment, I am just being straight forward.

      And Mr.Bat, you wrote a very clear line which I did not exaggerate - a company that is actually ethical must provide this data. So yes, YOU SAID IT.
      Now, about MBA, I DO NOT Respect a Degree, I respect knowledge! And an MBA dsnt make anyone knowledgeable, it just makes you 'EMPLOYABLE'. So lets not get into what degrees we have!

      Now, I agree to what you are saying about
      1) Every company provides info about total number of employees
      2) numbers for the stockists and distributors they work with

      But, you cannot compare this company/business model with those for obvious reasons. And No, you are not wrong in wanting to look the numbers, but WHAT NUMBERS?

      Firstly, QNET dsn't employ you.
      Secondly, QNET is not a Public Limited Company.

      So there is no question of sharing useless data, which actually dsnt make any sense. For example, a company like RIM (Blackberry) for which every details of employees and stockists and shareholders is available, NO ONE among them can save the company, Am I right? No piece of information (except NUMBER OF SALES it generates) makes a company viable / good to join / having a secured future.

      Finally, someone asked the RIGHT question, I am glad you did.
      Your Q. what details did you check before you joined this business?
      My Ans. This will be an honest answer, might not make sense to many, but I will be honest. Also, this part is something I've not written or mentioned anywhere in details.

      When I first saw the business plan shown by my ex-faculty, I loved it, BUT like many I was skeptical about the big numbers shown to me.
      I obviously went home and did the OBVIOUS, I Googled.
      I found 80% negative reviews, but I also found some 20% people with positive comments. Now let me explain in brief what I found in those reviews and comments:

      80% People ranted the same thing : BUSINESS DSNT WORK, THIS IS A SCAM, RETURN MY MONEY. And neither one of them gave an truthful reason why it is a scam or why business dsnt work! Worst thing is that most of them confessed that they just joined the business or many even did not, and were only riding the crowd.
      20% People merely replied to these 80% - Foolishly trying to explain how the business works, How not everyone is not doing unethical business. I said foolish, coz this business cannot be explained over a comment or online, you need a good talk, facts and face to face Q&A with the right person to understand everything.

      This did not confuse me, instead made me dig more. I again called up the person who showed me the business and I asked if it was possible to meet his senior, atleast someone with a year's experience and he agreed. Next day he arranged a casual meet with the senior IR, she was a lady to my surprise. We greeted each other and I simply asked her to explain the business model which my ex-faculty showed me.
      Now here comes the twist, the same business looked very different both in words and on paper when she explained. The calculations were simple and made sense to me. I asked for some info about the company which IMO (at that time) makes a company legit and ethical. Here it is:
      1) Company's Turnover (to check how big the company is)
      2) Company's Inflow & Outflow (to check Sustainability)
      3) Liquidity (to know how much profit it makes)

      All my 3 questions were answered, backed by some National News Paper cuttings which made the info public, documented and correct.
      After this, I saw no reason why I shouldn't be doing this and I joined immediately.
      This is it. If you want the same questions answered, please contact the person who want you in the biz, as this needs explaining which can't be done here.
      You can do what I did, check facts, trust your instincts and common sense and make a decision based on your own understanding of things and experience.
      Rest is upon you, join it or not, but get the facts no matter what you decide.

      All the Best

  92. Well, at least some parts of your answer felt like you were not on a defensive mode.
    By the way, the RIM example, a big LOL. No one could save it????? What do you even mean. And information does a lot of things. In case of your example, RIM is an org that sells products to customers, if i am employed with them, i am a contributor to technology/Logistics (whatever). Hence, how the company makes money and then how it pays me is clear. The extra info about distributors and employees helps me decide how strong company is compared to competitors, how good/bad is employee base, etc. etc. Now if the company fails due to any reason, its a different thing, but the business model is clear.

    Now i will tell you that why am i on this blog asking these questions, its because i was approached by a person to enroll in this scheme. But the people who met me could/did (god knows) not answer my questions. I asked them:
    1) Where are your products manufactured
    2) Can i have a catalog of all the products you sell?
    2) Is qnet a seller, manufacurer, OEM??? what?
    3) How is the commission distributed between IRs (as far as i know for a product priced 100 units, lets say 80 are retained by manufacturer and 20 by distributors, but what happens when there are so many distributors in chain)
    4) What is the business model in simple terms?
    (and many such questions)

    But i was not given the answer to a single question. They just kept talking about the big bucks i could make if i join. They said it has revenues in $bn, old company, sponsors so many international events. And i said so what, tell me how exactly every IR makes money. They never answered it.

    On top of that, they wanted me to invest 3 lakhs with them. And that to instantly, on that day itself. I wanted time to think, but they said i had to take a decision there itself. Mr. Rohit you would agree, it is insane to ask for 3 lacs of someone that too in such short notice, even when the person is not sure of the idea being proposed (this is something i just cant understand at all, why the haste? Why cant i join say in a week or so?)

    So, still i somehow stalled them to buy more time and have been researching into it if its promising or not. Now i have just one question, if someone can explain me the business model of the company, i would be content and join the business. I understand its not your job to explain me, but if you do know i would like to understand it.

    1. Firstly, I am never defensive about qnet, I just do not like people saying crap about my bread n butter!
      Secondly, whatever info you grab about a company dsnt make your job 'SECURE'. Its out of business any day and you receive a salary cut, late salary or a CHOP OFF from job! So please do not try to convince me that your company told/cleared this case scenario to you till date. I've worked in some top level companies and I know exactly what they share.

      Now lets get back to the topic, QNET. It shocks me that a person like you who could google any company's bio-data online, is here for information. I will give you a source to read from, most trusted on this planet at the bottom of this reply.
      Now about your questions, most of the answers (information) are easily available online, yet I will try to answer a few here:
      1) QNET has bought many patents, licenses and brands under its unberella from world over, so each product has its own manufacturing address like India, Morocco, Switzerland, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.
      2) Catalogs are available, sadly you met some newbie trying to prove something to the world.
      3) QNET is a 100% E-commerce company. QNET is into lifestyle products, few sister companies manufacture products, some own Resorts for time-sharing, Some have educational courses like E-MBA from SMC University, has its own Quest university in Perak, etc etc.
      4) About commissions and model, I'll make it very simple for you -
      Firstly, this isnt a pyramid or some scheme.
      Its a DIRECT SELLING business model (company to consumer)
      Now plz read carefully and understand -
      a) You earn only when you sell
      b) After a particular time-frame and work-level, company gives you a promotion
      c) When this promotion happens, means you already have created an organization size of about 20K+ IRs.
      d) Now you earn a limited amount like any CEO / MD to manage this huge organization that you created
      e) You are responsible for their growth, business education and training.
      f) Now, here you are the company, qnet is your product manufacturer, partner and platform provider, people under you are your organization (like employees)
      g) Now these people under you make money only when they sell and you get a big fixed amount like a salary
      h) You dont do your duties as mentioned in point 'e', you dont get paid.
      g) So in Qnet too, you work then you get paid.
      h) Only thing different is that here company gives you an equal opportunity to earn CEO-like position in a short span of time which is directly proportional to the amount of work-done and sales achieved.
      i) In short you are a Team Leader in my words with the salary of a CEO
      j) to achieve this position you literally have to work your ass-off
      k) You are only paid for working. Lazy People who are not ready to work, post reviews like it dsnt work

      How is company able to pay such big amounts to so many people?
      1) Due to direct selling nature of the company, it makes 50-60% profits on each product and the IR gets 10%
      2) Direct Selling simply means eliminating many middle men and selling directly to the customer via referral program.
      3) One has a income cap per day, meaning all above that goes back to the company.
      4) So if you are making 10 (this is your commission percent) and your cap is 3, then company is keeping 7. that means it is keeping its share and also 70% (example) from your share.

      So, there is no scheme, its all generating sales and team leading responsibilities that one is paid for.

      And yes, company is quite old now, with billion$ T/O n bla bla. Above all, Business Model is fantastic, but thick Indian minds are having a hard time to understand and adopt.

      Yes its not my job to make you understand the business, unless you want to join my organization. We can meet over a coffee and I can show you the business plan, but under certain conditions.

      By the time you decide, you can read the following FORBES article (they've written a few on qnet):

      FORBES -

    2. So, if i understand correctly, u earn much only if u have a good number of IRs below you. And the payout is divided (by 2 i guess given a binary format) as i go down the levels. But 20K IRs is quite a humongous number.

      Anyways, i am assuming that what you said is believable. But still i dont understand why i need to give 3 lacs in haste. In fact, even my friend (who referred me) told that they asked him for money that day itself. Did it happen with you, and should i give the whole amount at once?

    3. Do not interpret my words into a business plan. This is the first & last mistake people make and the reason why we do not like to share much info. 20K IRs is a easily reachable goal if you understood the plan correctly.

      This is where I stop giving both information and sharing my experiences.

      Its your decision, chose wisely.

    4. You did'nt answer "why the haste of signing up?" question twice now. But anyways, thanks for all the information. It was a good discussion. I will keep looking for more info :)

    5. There is a right time for each question to be answered.
      All the best