Saturday, June 4, 2016

LightFury - Tron Style Futuristic Helmets

Style, tech, and motorcycle enthusiasts can now get their hands on what people are referring to as the tron style futuristic Helmet; a sleek helmet modification called “The LightFury Mod” designed by the Mumbai based firm, LightFury Innovations.

The helmet modification is not only incredibly attractive, but serves the dual function of optimizing rider safety and visibility for night time riding by making the rider directly visible on the eye-level of four wheeler drivers. With the push of a button, the average rider can be illuminated for almost a month on a single charge or 2AA batteries. The rider can be easily seen from a distance as long as 1km, even in complete darkness.

The Mod does not add much weight to the helmet, and a special 'LightFury Helmet 101' Adhesive ensures that the structural integrity of the helmet is not compromised. No similar branded quality product exists in the marketplace today. As such, we expect big things coming from this company over the course of the next year.

LightFury designs and manufactures (first in Asia to do so) DIY helmet modification kits, but hopes to grow to a point where buyers will be able to purchase fully manufactured LightFury helmets.

The LightFury DIY Kits can be bought from their official website

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